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Netradarshan super specialty Eye Hospital (First of its kind in Belgaum city) is a rapidly expanding state of the art eye care centre situated in the heart of the city and caters to the ophthalmic needs of the city and rural masses. With its very advanced infrastructure, Netradarshan is on its way in establishing itself as tertiary eye care hospital in Belgaum.

The Geographically and Demographically well planned hospital as it has adequate space constructed on an area spanning over 12000 sq. feet which gives the flexibility to provide all sub speciality eye care services under one roof. Aesthetically designed in such a way that both community outreach program (through our charitable unit) and general OPD programmes are managed professionally to achieve complete patient satisfaction.

[box_header title=”Our Motto” bottom_border=”1″ animation=”1″ el_position=”first”][sentence title=”Aiming to be the best in Industry of eye care services through continuous upgradation of technology,” author=”— Netra Darshan”]
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Few reasons to choose us!

  • We  are pioneers in refractive surgery in the region and have been doing it for years.
  • Highly Sophisticated LASIK Treatment
  • World Class Equipments
  • Reputed Surgeons
  • Wide Variety of options.
  • Experienced Consultants
  • Excellent team work
  • Reasonable and affordable in expenses

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